“C U L T U R E”

From the trends hitting the streets to local boutiques, Xavier University of Louisiana students will soon have the chance to see these styles on the runway. Xavier is hosting a fashion show on Thursday, March 30 in Xavier’s Convocation Center where the doors will open at 7 p.m. The show will start at 8 p.m.

The fashion show is an annual event during Springfest, a week long full of student led events that builds the Xavier community and gives the students a break from the books.

During previous fashion shows many students were excited to see the pop of colors and new pieces that can be added to their own collection.  Many of the models rocked anything from urban to formal wear.

This year’s theme is “C U L T U R E” meaning to “embrace yours, accepts others and celebrate all.”

Joy Alia, a sophomore, Psychology Pre-Med major, at Xavier was co-chair of last year’s show, which was “FAME” where each model would channel a different celebrity.

“That’s why there were so many Travis Scott or Rhianna songs,” she said.“Being chair was very different, I feel like we were working with a group that wasn’t diverse like this year’s show.”

Alia goal was to make sure that she showed off every style for each model that walked the runway.

This time around for the “C U L T U R E” show, Alia decided not to lead but to be a model. “It’s definitely different of not being in charge, I really don’t miss staying after practice for two hours to plan for the next act, I have a life now,” she said.

“I enjoyed it so much even if it was time consuming, after the whole show it was definitely a feeling I was really grateful for.”

Alia has been modeling for six years now. She has done many projects from photoshoots to fashion shows, but has never met a group of caring and diverse people until this “C U L T U R E” show. “I don’t want to say one big happy family but right when we get to practice [we can be ourselves],”

“It’s good to share a common hobby with other people, we all come here to model to show off our style and personalities,” she said.

Alia is looking forward to the show even more because Keith Ebanks, who works downtown at Ashe Cultural Arts Center will be hosting the show. “We keep trying students over and over and it’s not working so we definitely had to try something new,” she said

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 12.58.23 PM

Xiara Day ,who is assistant chair of the “C U L T U R E” show, said planning this show under a month has been stressful but knows it will be worth it in the end.

Day has held other leadership roles on campus such as sophomore class executive board member and project coordinator for Mobilization at Xavier (MAX), but never helped organized a fashion show.

Although Day has never worked on a project like this before her leadership skills are allowing her to thrive in her role.

“I’m a huge person in planning things ahead of time and being organized, so it’s actually fun to me having to lay out and see what all goes into a fashion show,” she said.

Day believes a lot of people have this idea that the models just throw on clothes and walk the runway but that’s not the case.

“It’s so much more, you have to go over the choreography, set up the songs, which vendor goes with what models, what type of scenes, stage set up, and intermissions,” Day said.

From day one, the fashion Show board made it a goal to have the models become a team just like a basketball or football team. “Everyone is easy to talk to, at first people were kind of separated but we soon started to sat together as a team, we all call each other as team, and even clap for our teammates,” she said.

One of the ways that the team fostered a connection between the models is implementing a mentor and mentee program. Every new comer is partnered with a model that has been in the show before.

“They really look up to the mentors. I feel like they learned a lot of new tips and tricks on how to walk,” she said.

“But also its fun to see the mentors leading their mentees on how they have grown from being shy and now being able to walk by themselves and they are ready for any task we ask them to do for the show.”

Kyle Steib, a freshman Chemistry Pre-Pharm major,  is a model and a mentor who agrees having the program is useful. During practices he helped his mentee walk but also the mentee helped Steib as a whole.

Steib never modeled before or even walked in a fashion show before Xavier. “I’ve always been into clothes and fashion but never thought about walking,” he said. This will be his second time being a part of Xavier’s production.

“At first I was like wow, but seeing everything unfold…honestly this show “C U L T U R E” has the potential of being the best shows in Xavier history,” he said.

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 12.57.41 PM


What: Xavier University of Louisiana Springfest 2017 presents:

“C U L T U R E” Fashion show

Where: Xavier Convocation Center, 7910 Stroelitz St.

When: Thursday, March 30, 7 p.m.

Tickets: Free

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