Writing isn’t only my passion

Writing has always been a hobby for me to escape and allow my ideas and opinions to come alive. Writing was a way for me to get through losing my dad from a short battle with cancer.

Taking journalism classes at Xavier, I only thought about broadcast, print or even radio but never photojournalism. I have always liked taking pictures of others and especially selfies! I have always been a person to be open- minded to new hobbies so I thought maybe I should start getting serious with the camera.

One of my favorite types of photojournalism is fashion, since I’ve always been into the top trends. So the other day I took the initiative to start my portfolio since Xavier is hosting their yearly fashion show on March 30 in Xavier’s Convocation Center. The theme of the show is “C U L T U R E.”

Before shooting, I made sure the scenery behind the models would be vibrant and grab someone’s attention. Looking at one picture can tell an entire story.

A picture can be powerful or even creative. At first looking at other blogs, I got intimated that my pictures wouldn’t be on the same level. But I had to remember that every blog is unique in its own way and that some bloggers might even look at my blog and be impressed. I hope you enjoy the pictures I took and maybe feel motivated to pick up the camera.

-“Fight the good fight, run the race and keep the faith.”

Allana B.


Photographer: Allana J. Barefield
Photographer: Allana J. Barefield 


Photographer: Allana J. Barefield 


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