Crunch Time…

Well hello there! As you all know  I’m a sophomore in college and already its April. So you know what the means? It’s time to buckle down, say no to going out, try to get those grades up but also start packing up the room.

I have less than a month at Xavier before I head home to Massachusetts. I still can’t believe I will be a junior in the fall. Look how far I have come in my college experience. I truly can say the effort and dedication I have put into my craft for writing is paying off. This summer I will be traveling to New York City to attend The New York Times Institute, and afterwards I will start interning as a metro reporter at The Boston Globe.

Some people say that “I had a better chance to win the lottery” than being accepted into these top programs.

Looking at my college experience so far, I have to say every article I have written has helped me grow as a writer. For instance, there were many articles I wrote and questioned why am I covering butterflies or why am I writing about pho. I learned that no matter how small a topic is make something out of it or in this case use a bit of my “black girl magic.”

This is just the beginning of my career. I am beyond excited to see where the journalism industry will take me. So I hope you guys take this journey with me. So buckle up and get ready for the ride!


Allana B.

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