My Fan-girling Moments… You’ll For Sure Relate To

Everyone has a celebrity crush. You know their every move. You know their bodyguard’s name (creepy but it’s the truth). You know their favorite restaurant when they are in town. You have gotten so close to that person, through tabloids and social media, that you feel like family. But what if you had the opportunity to talk to them… what would you say? Would you be frozen with your heart beating fast or confess your love for that person?

In my life, I have met so many celebrities it even creeps me out. Now I know what you’re thinking, you probably thought little ol’ me did a little investigation and started stalking these celebrities. Well that’s not the case!

When I do get the opportunity to meet celebrities, I usually don’t get butterflies. But for the one and only Queen B, Sasha Fierce, Yonce or better known as Beyonce Knowles Carter, I almost couldn’t even articulate a word.

I remember vividly that night during NBA All Star weekend in New Orleans when I got to meet Beyonce. I wasn’t even going to go to Solange’s party. Solange puts on theme-based parties where she caters to New Orleanians to have a good time for a cheap price. Luckily, I changed my mind and decided to attend. God was on my side that night.

Solange’s parties are always secretive and you don’t find out the address until you purchase your tickets. My friend Rechelle and I were excited to see what all the hype was about.

We got to the party, which was in a warehouse, with the dimmed lights while playing Stevie Wonder in the background. I wasn’t even sure if Solange was going to be there, but one of the Saint Heron employees told me she was there. In a hurry, I scoped out the whole party scene to find out that she was in the corner.

It was so unreal to be that close to her. I kept looking around in the circle and noticed Jay- Z standing up with his black glasses and hat. In that moment, I knew for sure Beyonce had to be there. I found out that she was sitting down in the corner behind her bodyguard. The party was over shortly after and I did not go out with the crowd. I waited and strategically thought out my plan on how am I going to talk to her. Through all this commotion, I called my mom and she snapped me back to reality, saying “when are you ever going to have a chance to be in the same room as her?”

One of the bodyguards told me to leave and said that I had a better chance meeting her outside but through my experience with other celebrities, I have learned that the bodyguards are always liars. Thankfully, he had left me alone and tried to usher the remainder of the crowd out.

All of sudden, I saw people in the corner get up and here she comes with her honey blonde hair.

I was memorized. But I had reached for my phone and one of the bodyguards told me to put it away. I listened before I would be kicked out. Suddenly, I got the courage to yell her name but she didn’t look up. I told her how much I loved her music from the beginning of Destiny’s Child and how beautiful she is as a person, inside and out. I told her “thank you for getting me through losing my dad.”

From that intimate statement, she quickly looked up and smiled and said “No, thank you and I’m sorry for your loss.” I tried to get my picture, but they continued to usher her out. It would have been nice to have had snapped a quick picture, but I had the opportunity to get the memory.

Screen Shot 2017-04-30 at 10.47.24 PM

See some of my star struck celebrity encounters below:

Charles Barkley: Basketball Player
Lonnie Ali: Wife of Muhammad Ali
Ro James: Singer
Denzel Washington: Actor
Musiq Soulchild: Singer
Dej Loaf: Singer
Dave Chappelle: Comedian
Jesse Jackson: Civil Rights Activist
Maxwell: Singer
Davis Aldridge (Left): TNT Reporter & ESPN Commentator Michael Wilbon (right)
Adam Sandler: Actor
Joe Biden: Former Vice President


Spike Lee: Film Director

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