My Beauty Tricks

-Inside my wardrobe & makeup bag

When it comes to buying new products – either a new foundation or lipstick – I always use Google reviews. Personally, I don’t pick up anything in the store due to having sensitive skin. Even though you might read all the product reviews, sometimes you have to test it yourself to be sure its right for you. Remember, everyone is different and it might not work for your favorite Youtuber, but that doesn’t mean you can’t rock it. I am a true believer that you don’t need the most expensive product and that drug store products work just as good or even better.


My sister would always go to the store and buy a jar of coconut oil and I always wondered why. For a second, I thought she was going to use it a new dessert since she loves baking, but that wasn’t the case. She took the jar to her bedroom and would use the oil for her hair and skin. Once I found out her beauty secret, I quickly did the same and let me say it’s the best $4 dollar investment. The oil keeps your hair hydrated and your skin looking moisturized while smelling like cookies. Also, it’s a great product to remove makeup.

cocnut oil



I’ve tried plenty of lotions in my time and Cetaphil is hands down the best one to help my skin. My dermatologist recommended it to me and now I hope you go out and try it. The cost of the lotion is about $8.

Cetaphil lotion



When I’m ready to go head downtown for lunch or even just the movies, I like to call myself a fashionista. My closet is mostly filled with professional clothes because I’m always working in a newsroom or about to be in front of the camera but, I do mix it up at times. I will shop at places like Forever 21, Kohl’s, and TJMaxx. And keep in mind that I have curves so I  make sure whatever I buy is flattering not just because it’s trending. Recently, I have fallen in love with the store New York and Company where their clothes are stylish and gives you an edgy business look.  Oh, and how could I forget to mention.  I always catch a sale! NYC recently signed with celebrities like Gabrielle Union and Eva Mendes to be the face of the company.



If you know me, you know that I always have a lip on even if my face is not beat. For two years now, I have been into liquid lipsticks and I have tried many brands like MAC and Too Melted. And Colourpop for the price, cannot be beaten for $6 dollars, Colourpop gives you a lasting lip color.



That’s all for now!


-Allana B.

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