Baller Alert

Once upon a time, there was a mother who always told her daughter to search for a man who is wholesome and provides financial stability.

So even after women outgrew fairytales, for some, the little girl inside of them continues to dream about status, money and walking into the party with a baller. It appears that the majority of these women aren’t seeking love, but to be put onto a pedestal where the other women will do anything to be in their 6 inch stilettos heels for a few seconds, according to Twitter.

From the outside looking in, the average person doesn’t believe genuine love is being portrayed.

In a recent Twitter poll the following question had a lot of attention: In your opinion, do you think marrying a baller is really that glamorous? A total of 78 votes were received where 18 percent said yes and 82 percent said no.


 For Suzy Mekalian, she still hopes to land herself a baller. Some might say she is still looking for her knight in shining armor. Mekalian has been a hairdresser for over 30 years and has two children but knows that she is still missing out on the extravagant lifestyle provided by a baller.

“It’s hard for me to be in a relationship because I have a criteria that I won’t stray from.. I like ball players,” she said. “There’s nothing better than an athlete, I like how competitive they are, I like the status when you walk into a room with them and everyone looks, there’s not a feeling like it.”

Mekalian, a 55-year-old who has never been married, won’t get married until she finds her ball player. “I got it going on for my age, they love me,” she jokingly said.

When Mekalian isn’t working she will go to basketball games. “I will drive out of state, I will drive over the state lines,” she said.

For Mekalian, there is no limit with money or time because a baller is what she wants. Before games she will prepare herself by getting her nails, hair done and even buy a new outfit. “I want to turn his head when I walk through that gymnasium,” she said.

Many people might question who she is at the games but she finds it empowering. “Obviously, I must be some type of attention seeker; I want people to know that I’m here for him.”

Talking to players has been difficult for Mekalian because she knows there is always competition with other women. In Mekalian’s eyes her championship is a ring on her finger.

“It’s more elusive, I guess in the long run we all want love, but I can find love who isn’t a ball player and that doesn’t make me happy, I guess that’s why I’m 55 and still single,” she said.

“Sometimes you can’t help what you feel, knowing full well you should stop chasing after something that isn’t real but sometimes you get caught up.”

Alexis Greer doesn’t look for athletes and was never fascinated by ballers. Currently, she’s in a relationship for two years with a male whose profession is not basketball.

 “I fell for him because he was my childhood crush, we became friends and reconnected later on,” Greer said.

Greer thinks some of these women go after ballers “to keep up their lifestyle,” she said.

“It’s basically a sponsorship in my opinion, whoever is the baller is sponsoring who-ever he is with, it’s almost like a child and parent relationship in my opinion, not as equal” she said.

Greer is not against women who date ballers, but is against the artificial relationship aspect of it. “You have some ballers that have genuine relationships where they may have been high school sweet hearts or it could be a mutual gain where they help both their statuses,” she said.

For example, the marriage of LeBron James and his high school sweetheart Savannah Brinson.

Get them while they’re young:

Although many women go after these professional high end ballers. Women will do the same for college level players, especially Division I.

Thakarius Keyes, a freshman defensive back at Tulane University, has already seen the change in women from only one year playing on the college level.

“I don’t know why women find it so impressive for a football player, I guess they just want to be in the spotlight to get attention,” he said.

Keyes said that many of the women will get his attention through social media or even at different school functions. “I personally don’t trust people like that so I’ll avoid them, I try to not get involved,” Keyes said. “No one wants someone that’s for everybody.”

While Donnie Alexander, a junior and linebacker for Louisiana State University’s football team, realized the increased in attention was due to Alexander’s extended time on the field.

“I have a few fans out there, after the game they will ask for autographs it’s been a fun experience,” he said “In high school, your fans will be your family and friends but when you get to college people you don’t even know, know about you.”

In high school, Alexander got attention from girls but he has seen that most of the women in college are more upfront. “They will throw themselves at you more,” he said. “At the games, they will try to talk to you and get close.”

The experience for Alexander has been amazing, but at times it can be a bit scary because you never know how far these women will go. “They will be telling you stuff about yourself that you didn’t even know you knew, it’s kind of stalkerish,” he said.

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