Till Next Time…

IMG_5657I have to say that I have grown this semester not just from making new friends, finding new hobbies but being a better writer. But most importantly, I truly believe I’ve become a  better reporter. This semester, I had an opportunity to take Advanced Media Writing. The class pushed me in ways I never imagined. My professor made sure that her class prepared us for the real world. She used her own personal knowledge to give us the tools to enter the journalism industry with a strong foundation that will help us excel in life.

I can’t thank her enough that she didn’t sugar coat anything, but informed us this is what it means to be a reporter. Having strict deadlines allowed me to work harder. The deadlines also help me better  manage stress.The goal of every article is to execute each one by telling a compelling stories. For example, covering the aftermath of the tornado, that devastated New Orleans East was a story that made me feel connected to the residents. It also inspired me to  tell the story in a different way. I did this by featuring young adults who experienced the tornado and Hurricane Katrina as a child. Going out into the field and interviewing people who lost everything in the tornado will be a moment that forever stick with me. Having experiences like reaching out to fashion bloggers, photographers helped me make connections and get my name out there. Most importantly what I loved about this class is that I had the chance to primarily focus on my Twitter. It was a time to grow my followers, but also introduce my work to the public and build an audience. Every article didn’t focus on anyone specifically since I had a wide range of articles from fashion, sports, to enterprise stories.

I always wanted to create my own website, but never had the time to actually sit down and get it done. Before I made the name, but it would just sit there hoping one day I’ll log in. Now I’m happy to say I have been blogging since January.

Another obstacle I ran into was always trying to create original work was of interested to my readers. But with frequent brainstorm sessions and thinking outside the box I slowly became pleased with my blog. My goal for this blog was to not have it be the average place to find and explore new. And now I can confidently say I accomplished this goal. It has been a long journey in this class. I’ve learned to be patient, make a list and always find a way.

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