Untold Stories

Everyone has a story. A story that can vary, change each day and may even seem oddly mundane on the surface. I’m here to tell you that each story is unique, exciting and vibrant- it just hasn’t been told that way yet.

My name is Allana J. Barefield. I’m here to tell these stories.

Let me tell you a bit of my story first. I’m half Greek and African American. I’m from Boston, a place where words begin losing hard Rs, and to the shock of many down south, when it hits a good 58 degrees, it’s time to hit the beach.

Currently, I attend Xavier University in the Crescent City. Already this brings to mind thoughts of Mardi Gras and the ever entertaining Bourbon Street. The culture of jazz music and soul are around every corner. Maybe you even thought of the smell of gumbo, or a shrimp po boy.

These are all small parts of New Orleans, part of it’s unique culture, but not the complete story of it. What truly makes New Orleans an exciting place are the people who I have met along the way.

During my two years of living in New Orleans, I have grown both personally and professionally. There’s no better feeling than getting the latest scoop or arriving first on scene to break the news. My hope for this blog is to dig deeper in the journalism world. I want to tell these untold stories. I want to hit topics that reach further and mean more.

So I hope you’re comfortable. If not put on your reading glasses, make yourself your favorite cup of tea because once you start reading, you won’t be able to stop.

After all, you’re not reading the average newspaper on your door step.

Signing off,

Allana B.


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